Amargosa Valley Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Amargosa Valley!  45 miles West of Pahrump and just over an hour from Las Vegas, Amargosa is  home to about 1,400 residents.  This site is for the business members of the community who understand that the economic health of any community depends on a business climate friendly to it's members.  


Mission Statement:

The Amargosa Valley Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting the growth of the local economy by encouraging local commerce, residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial growth and the generation of renewable energy.  We want to serve as a check against unwarranted and unnecessary goverment growth and overregulation.
This Amargosa Business Coalition is also here to facilitate and foster increased business opportunities for it's members, and for incoming entrepreneurs and corporations.
America's prosperity was founded upon the good stewardship and wise use of it's abundant natural resorces. We, as Amargosa's business coalition, are dedicated to ensuring it's members' uncompromised rights to use their land and water which will increase economic opportunity and lead to an enhanced tax base for the local benefit of the valley in the spirit of a free enterprise zone.

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